Portal for DBTek's Software Updates

Welcome to the update portal

This portal is only a front-end for the DBTek's software update service.
To use this service, you have to launch the update program shipped with the DBTek's software. Or, more simply, you have to positive answer to the upgrade request on software startup.

DBTek Updater

DBTek has released the "DBTek Updater" program.
With this software you can upgrade to the last available version all the DBTek's applications, also if the software doesn't has it's own update procedure.
It's easy! Just start the program and follow the on-screen instructions. If an update is available, DBTek Updater will download it and will ask you the confirm to install it. Et voilĂ , now you have the new version of the program.


To download the "DBTek Updater" program, please click on this link. If the download doesn't start, check the browser and the browser's toolbars settings.


Email: info@dbtek.it